Sunday, March 8, 2009


This Blog will serve as a place to list resources and needs for but not limited to:

Employment - Jobs needed & available, Job Fair postings, etc.
Housing - Rentals, Shared, Roommates, etc.
Financial - Banks & Legal Services
Health Care - Where to get help with medical, dental & prescriptions
Items Wanted/Offered [sort of our own freecycle for fuco]
Services Wanted/Offered

Bartering encouraged! If you need help like lifting some heavy items or fixing a window but can offer things in return like baking fresh bread, cooking a nutritious family meal for working parents, etc. please do so! And be creative! This is all about being a family, helping each other in times of need and having a good time doing it.

For more information and discussion, please join our list-serve group here:

If you'd like to POST on this blog, please send a note to so we can add you.